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Weekly Shorts: How brands can collaborate with LGBTQ+ influencers

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By  Storyboard18May 26, 2023 7:44 AM
Weekly Shorts: How brands can collaborate with LGBTQ+ influencers
International events like Pride Month allow brands to make their voice heard, which is tough in a competitive market. But here's the thing: it's not enough to discuss inclusivity and diversity in your campaigns.(Representative Image: Michał Franczak via Unsplash)

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International events like Pride Month allow brands to make their voice heard, which is tough in a competitive market. But here's the thing: it's not enough to discuss inclusivity and diversity in your campaigns. You have to show that your brand is genuinely committed to social responsibility.

To achieve this, you must go beyond the usual product promotion and amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and their causes, like Chipotle, Skittles, NYX Cosmetics, Peloton, and American Eagle did.

One common thing these brands did that made their campaign successful was partnering with the right LGBTQ+ influencers. These influencers have authentic voices that can help you truly shine in the market. You can expect higher levels of consumer engagement, increased brand loyalty, and a bigger market share.

1. NYX Cosmetics – LGBTQ+ Gaming Influencers on Twitch and Metaverse

In 2022, NYX Cosmetics, a USA-based cosmetics brand, launched its campaign #ProudAlliesForAll in partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to create awareness about how to be LGBTQ+ally. They minted NYX professional makeup avatars, with 36 skin tones matching the makeup shade range for the #METAPRIDE — a pride parade on the metaverse platform, The Sandbox.

It was a first-of-its-kind parade, where consumers were asked to participate by posting an image of themselves with the "Proud Allies" Instagram filter while sharing who they marched for. The brand partnered with nano, micro, and mid-tier influencers to promote limited edition eye paints and gloss.

They took things further in 2023 with their Game Out Loud Pride campaign. By collaborating with LGBTQ+ gaming influencers, NYX aims to raise awareness about anti-LGBTQ+ bullying in the gaming world. The talented LGBTQ+ gamers will host live streams focusing on education, ally messaging, and inclusivity. Through the campaign, NYX is looking to increase the visibility and representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the gaming space.

2. Peloton - Fitness Influencers to Engage LGBTQ+ Community

Peloton is a USA-based exercise equipment and media company. During Pride Month each year, Peloton highlights the power and creativity of Pride with themed workouts and music moments featuring icons and rising stars from the LGBTQ+ community. These sessions are designed to create a lasting bond with their audience and celebrate Pride Month in style.

Peloton puts together an incredible lineup of classes, including bike rides, treadmill runs, yoga, meditation, and cardio, run by fitness trainers who are total influencers on social media. They have a massive following and are experts at building a community. Andy Speer, for example, is a tread and strength instructor with 165k followers.

The Pride Month campaign allows Peloton to engage with its community, providing a welcoming and inclusive space. By partnering with fitness influencers with a significant LGBTQ+ following, Peloton taps into that specific demographic and creates an environment of inclusivity and support.

3. Skittles – QR Codes to Amplify LGBTQ+ Artistic Influencers

Skittles has always been at the forefront when it comes to showcasing the artistic side during Pride Month. In 2021, the candy brand launched the "QueeR Codes" campaign that redirects consumers to a website featuring content about the artists and Pride. Skittles teamed with five LGBTQ+ influencers to showcase personal stories about drag performance, sign language performance, music, dance, and makeup artistry.

When scanned, the QueeR Codes unlocked a rich microsite experience that featured work and stories from LGBTQ+ creators all over the country—as well as resources and information for community members and allies.

4. Chipotle – Competition and Community Engagement with Popular Drag Queens

For the 2021 Pride Month, Chipotle hosted a super cool competition called the Chipotle Queen of Pride and a special Chipotle Drag Lunch. From June 1 to June 16, 2021, Chipotle featured the go-to Chipotle orders of three amazing drag queens—Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, and Gottmik—on their app and website. And $1 from each entrée purchase went to the LGBTQ+ charity of their choice.

The restaurant chain cooked up Pride-themed meals in collaboration with the drag queens. The influencer who received the most orders was crowned the Chipotle Queen of Pride and received an additional $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. Chipotle's collaboration with these well-known drag queens facilitated excitement and a real sense of community.

5. American Eagle – Collaboration with LGBTQ+ Team Members

In 2022, the USA-based fashion brand American Eagle handpicked four employees from different departments to be pride models. Each of them shared their perspectives on what Pride meant to them. American Eagle supported the LGBTQ+ community and showed their commitment to inclusivity in their marketing efforts by showcasing real people who work for the company. The strategy added an authentic and relatable element to the brand's messaging.

Additionally, American Eagle teamed up with a mega influencer named Maia, also known as Mxmtoon, and nano-influencers in the lifestyle and fashion categories, to expand their reach. The brand designed a limited edition collection, and Maia shared her journey of coming out as queer, celebrating Pride Month, and promoting inclusivity.


These unique Pride Month examples by renowned brands highlight the importance of leveraging influencers in your campaigns. The right influencers from specific communities can make your brand messaging more meaningful and outshine competitors!

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