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Storyboard18 Insider: Friendly rivals, tough-love from a client, season of effectiveness in awards

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By  Storyboard18May 22, 2023 8:10 PM
Storyboard18 Insider: Friendly rivals, tough-love from a client, season of effectiveness in awards
Catch all the inside industry stories and hot gossip on Storyboard18. (Representative Image: Birmingham Museums Trust via Unsplash)

Building comradery

A new chief of a major ad network is meeting chiefs of rival networks. We hear this gentleman has big plans to revamp the agency and is meeting fellow senior management and executives to sound off his ideas. This is an unusual but refreshing change. He has been given constructive feedback by his industry well-wishers. In an industry, where egos are bigger than the business itself, this kind of culture is a reflection of new times.

Brand ambassador woes

This global Indian brand and its founders are shining beacons of Indian grit, brains, simplicity and success. But recently, it seems, netizens are pointing to the many holes in that narrative that have been exposed. In today’s age, the personal brands of founders, CEOs and management, can have a huge impact on the company, its standing and its plans. We hear that this firm that’s been in the eye of a storm had to postpone a major announcement. It’s unclear whether that is due to the undesirable attention it's getting or some other external factors.

The good tough client

A CMO of a large brand seems to be calm and composed on social media. However, we hear he is tough with his agency, in a good way. An industry mole tells us, this CMO who has been working very closely with an award winning agency for years, micromanages everything. That’s because he wants perfection and nothing else. The work on the brand is intense and the mood he sets up is equally intense during the meetings. The agency doesn’t mind it because he is the one that’s keeping them on their toes.

Effectiveness of effectiveness

The awards season is in full swing. We hear this year a bunch of agencies are betting big on categories that focus on creative effectiveness more than ever before. Looks like there are two major reasons for it. One, large global brands are pushing for long-term campaigns and brands are using this as an opportunity to measure their effectiveness through awards. Two, a few agencies that have tight budgets are just focusing on betting big on the effectiveness of effectiveness. #IYKYK.

First Published on May 22, 2023 5:00 PM