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Weekly Shorts: Influencer Marketing Brand and Influencer Growth Q1, 2023

What’s buzzing in influencer marketing and the creator ecosystem? What’s the next big thing coming down the line? Catch the big trends and hot topics in our weekly shorts.

By  Storyboard18Mar 25, 2023 6:34 PM
Weekly Shorts: Influencer Marketing Brand and Influencer Growth Q1, 2023
In this week's Weekly Shorts, the top brands and influencers have been listed based on their number of posts, engagement rates and follower growth. (Representative Image: Jizhidexiaohailang via Unsplash)

The proliferation of platforms and formats like short-videos have changed the influencer marketing game for marketers, brands and creators. In this fast-evolving space, keep up with the big trends and hot topics that matter in Storyboard18’s Weekly Shorts in collaboration with, an end-to-end AI-powered influencer marketing platform. Track how creators, communities and brands are engaging with users and disrupting marketing to get a sharp and fast insight into present and future trends.

Top 5 Indian brands based on number of sponsored posts

Instagram's @Creators - @creators - 920

Sugar Cosmetics - @trysugar - 709

Mamaearth - - 687

Dot & Key Skincare - @dotandkey.skincare - 597

Amazon Fashion India - @amazonfashionin - 532

Cosmetics and clothing brands remain popular in India. SUGAR Cosmetics, the nation's fastest-growing cosmetic company, was mentioned in many sponsored pieces, followed by the e-commerce company Amazon Fashion India.

Data for Top Influencers In India based on engagement rate

Shreya Lenka - - 43.92 percent

Meenakshi Dileep - @i.meenakshidileep - 41.73 percent

Kartik Wadhwa - @kartikkwadhwa - 40.26 percent

Junaiz - @junaiz.vp - 38.74 percent

Astuti Anand - @astuti_mw - 32.12 percent

Top 5 Instagram influencers in India based on follower growth

(Data based on the 107,698 influencer proles scanned by between January 1 and March 14, 2023)

Mayank Choudhary - @mayank_crazy_tds - 1982.60 percent

Prachi Dhingra - @_prachi_dhingra - 932.20 percent

Papri Roy - @papriroy.official - 628.40 percent

Pia Dahiya - @pia_dahiya - 760.30 percent

Savio Barnes - @saviobarnes - 595.30 percent

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First Published on Mar 24, 2023 9:59 AM