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#ShareTheSpotlight: Mistakes are what will keep my learning going, says Disha Singh of Zouk

Disha Singh, co-founder of Zouk, shares the spotlight with a baker, a kids clothing expert and a dynamic communications consultant.

By  Indrani BoseJul 20, 2023 11:04 AM
#ShareTheSpotlight: Mistakes are what will keep my learning going, says Disha Singh of Zouk
Disha Singh (top left) shares the spotlight with Aakansha Gupta, (bottom left) Aditi Handa,(top right) and Akriti Gupta (bottom right).

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“As a woman, I started a production in a male-dominated industry and scaled it up from 0 to 150 artisans, and now we have a strong team of 600 artisans working with us. I'm proud of how we've scaled our team from a few members to a big, strong backend across different departments, such as search engine marketing, revenue growth, customer experience, and social media,” says Disha Singh, co-founder Zouk. Singh is carrying on the heritage of being Proudly Indian in all of Zouk’s products and is aiming to build an India-inspired lifestyle brand from India for the world.

In a chat with Storyboard18, the entrepreneur tells us that she doesn’t consider her professional challenges as failures as long as she discovers new things and learns from them. “Every day we make mistakes be it in the marketing department or sales department or supply chain department or production. Across my journey, be it Zouk or previously as well, I have made a lot of mistakes and going forward I may make a lot of mistakes but that is what will keep my learning going because of that only I will keep growing,” she says

Singh is inspired by the professional journeys of women like Aditi Handa, co-Founder of The Baker's Dozen, Akriti Gupta, founder of Jollee and Aakanksha Gupta, founder of The Other Circle. Singh endorsed Handa because of her passion, the depth of knowledge she has about each of her products and for her clarity of vision for the brand she wants to build.

Singh also shares the spotlight with Akriti Gupta because of Gupta’s hustle attitude in building a category disruptor in a fragmented kids segment. “She has the vision for building an enduring brand with the right set of people she needs for this journey,” says Singh about Gupta.

Aakanksha Gupta was nominated by Singh because the former, in a very short span of time, has built a loyal clientele and for the grasp she has in this cluttered media industry. “Her drive and love for creating long-lasting PR for brands and not only momentary uplifts is amazing.”

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First Published on Apr 20, 2023 10:56 AM