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Storyboard18 Insider: A legacy agency's fate, a dramatic u-turn, celebrity tantrums and a popular caterer

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By  Storyboard18May 22, 2023 9:16 PM
Storyboard18 Insider: A legacy agency's fate, a dramatic u-turn, celebrity tantrums and a popular caterer
Catch all the inside industry stories and hot gossip on Storyboard18. (Representative Image: Bruce Warrington via Unsplash)

From whispers in agency corridors and pitch-room chatter to what's buzzing on clients' side, we've got the overheard and untold stories of the advertising industry and its people.

A lot can happen in a year

Recently, a senior marketer was stunned during a pitch meeting for a high decibel sporting property. The reason for his astonishment was the deck that was presented and the full u-turn in it from singing hosannas of the digital medium as the present and future of consumption to now shouting praises of the TV medium to deliver entertainment and engagement for the full family. The startling change in tune prompted the marketer to ask about the before and after pitch presentation deck. In reply all that the executives could do was awkwardly laugh. Clearly, this 'hum saath saath' family TV viewing pitch didn't go down as well as they intended.

One leg horse?

Legacy ad agencies are in trouble. They are facing threats from their inability to keep up with the fast pace of change, inability to attract the best talent, losing their best talent, legacy baggage, big egos keeping others from growing, clients' in-house agencies which are attracting GenZers. These younguns who have no inclination to play and work by outdated rules and suffer egos. Agencies are also facing threats from their own people who have left to start their own creative ventures. A CMO was ruing the slow but steady demise of the big ad agency, pointing towards one in particular that has dwindled to a shadow of its former self in a Southern market; while its main office and one particular big client keep its image as a creative powerhouse intact.

Khane mein kya hai?

A Mumbai-based food caterer is in high demand. We hear a few celebrities are throwing tantrums to get said caterer on board while they are on ad shoots. It seems it's not just the celebrities who like the fare that this caterer dishes up. Their teams, too, are fans. Given his soaring popularity the South Indian caterer has also increased his rates. Typically, production houses have tie-ups with their own set of vendors. However, adwallahs tell us this caterer likes to deal with the client directly.

Cinderella’s tantrum

Every ad person will have a celeb-on-shoot story. It’s the only thing that beats a client-on-shoot tale. Not so long ago, a celebrity created a ruckus during an ad shoot of a personal care brand that got everyone shaking their heads. The said celeb who’s connected to a former Indian beauty Queen who is now world-renowned, fell in love with the shoes that she wore in the film and said she plans to keep it for herself. The brand team had to return it because the costumes were hired from a designer. The celebrity didn’t budge. Insiders tell us that the marketing team of the brand went late at night to look for a similar pair of shoes and requested a high-end store to open its shutters. The brand team reached the sets on time because we heard she happily wore them and flew to another country right after. These not-so-Aam shoes must be something indeed.

First Published on Mar 31, 2023 12:15 PM