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#ShareTheSpotlight: It takes a village to drive change: Sonia Khurana of Digitas India

Sonia Khurana, chief executive officer of Digitas India highlights introducing Publicis Groupe’s VivaWomen! to Digitas India. It is a programme designed to enable women to be successful at work.

By  Indrani BoseJul 18, 2023 9:47 AM
#ShareTheSpotlight: It takes a village to drive change: Sonia Khurana of Digitas India
Sonia Khurana, chief executive officer, Digitas India

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All achievements and failures look big at that moment. And then as time passes, they lose that lustre, feel a touch ordinary. The high from the wins lasts for a few hours/days until you move on to the next. It’s the feeling of that high that you try to own and retain, and since it’s unsurprisingly elusive, you then seek it through the next adventure/achievement.

“I still seek it, but I am more wholesome about the experience these days. I value the process, the teamwork, the thinking, the insights triggered, the feeling of the brain ticking, adding value to the client, seeing them happy… the process in its entirety offers a lingering aftertaste that I savor long after,” shares Sonia Khurana, chief operating officer at Digitas India.

Most recently, the big achievement that Khurana cherishes will undoubtedly be introducing Publicis Groupe's VivaWomen! to Digitas India. It's a programme aimed at enabling women to be successful at work. VivaWomen! is a project that focuses on key issues and encourages open discussions about personal experiences, navigating successful careers while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Both current and future female employees are supported and nurtured through tailored training programs and networking opportunities.

“The first two initiatives have been a roaring success. But we still have a long, long way to go. And it’s in this context, Khurana shines the spotlight on Shweta Gopalakrishnan, VP – Diversity & Inclusion at the Publicis Groupe India, Sonika Suraj and Nidhi Mehta - her HR business partners. “It takes a village to drive change! Shweta, Nidhi and Sonika have been wonderful and such a joy to work with. Their commitment is contagious!,” Khurana says.

While addressing professional challenges, Khurana reveals “I feel a little vulnerable writing this but let me share. Not being able to hold onto good people and see them leave is something I take quite personally. Always leaves me wondering what I could have done better, different. They were part of creating that sustainable high, and there is a sense of deflation when they leave. But then new fresh faces come in, the energy rebuilds. That’s life, I guess.”

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First Published on Jul 17, 2023 3:52 PM