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#ShareTheSpotlight: "My choices have empowered me the most," says Preeti Nayyar, Universal Music Group

Preeti Nayyar, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group shares how taking risks have empowered her and spotlights seasoned producer Anupama Mandloi for creating impactful content.

By  Indrani BoseJul 20, 2023 11:03 AM
#ShareTheSpotlight: "My choices have empowered me the most," says Preeti Nayyar, Universal Music Group
Preeti Nayyar (left) shares the spotlight with media veteran Anupama Mandloi (right).

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In her 23 years long career so far, Preeti Nayyar’s biggest achievement has been her decision to always take up an untested path, non- traditional verticals and business setups. "I derive my entire learning and strength from these risks that I have taken ever since I was a young executive. I firmly believe that we are a product of the choices that we make,” says Nayyar, who is senior vice president at the music juggernaut Universal Music Group.

In her first job, a 21 year old Nayyar chose a field sales job when given an option to be a tele-call executive. In her subsequent jobs, she chose retail sales over corporate sale, she chose non- traditional revenue over inventory sales, she chose travelling to all growth markets (Tier 2 cities) as compared to just managing 8 top markets. “I was happy learning about melas in hinterland. My choices have empowered me the most. This is also a reason why I am in the music Industry today and still choosing non-traditional business,” shares Nayyar.

In business, low phases and failures are inevitable but failure is also a great opportunity to reinvent. There was period when Nayyar felt that she was ready to take up bigger challenges in her role and that her strength was not being utilised by her organisation (at that point of time) in an optimal way.

Nayyar says, “I had always worked as intrapreneur in my corporate career and I was getting restless as I was not able to find opportunities to innovate. I think it was my momentary inability to see beyond what was happening around till I realised the power of “Blue ocean” strategy again!”

Nayyar has chosen Anupama Mandloi – a seasoned producer of Impactful content, ex MD of Fremantle Media India and a media veteran to share the spotlight with. "I am nominating her for all the human and meaningful content that she has been producing since a while like the documentary – Aunty Sudha Aunty Radha." Mandloi, known for being the impact producer for Coral Woman, an Indian documentary about climate change has been changing mindsets and behaviours by producing movies that give birth to movements.

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First Published on Apr 26, 2023 11:02 AM