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Storyboard18 Insider: Influencer scandal; a fitness brand loses muscle; rescuing talent

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By  Storyboard18May 11, 2023 10:22 AM
Storyboard18 Insider: Influencer scandal; a fitness brand loses muscle; rescuing talent
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Influencer scandal

A top influencer allegedly accepted a whopping Rs 40 lakh from an insurance brand just before their IPO launch in late 2021. However, things took a turn when SEBI sensed foul play and put the influencer under scrutiny. While the matter is being kept under wraps (at least by platforms) because the influencer is a popular face, if found guilty, the finfluencer could face serious consequences.

Fighting fit?

A fitness brand, which specializes in group classes and boasts celebrity stakeholders, is currently facing a financial crisis. In a bid to address the situation, the company is sending messages to members about closing down centres. They are also asking trainers to resign on questionable grounds. The cost cutting exercise, however, is restricted to talent and infrastructure only it seems. The brand, it seems, has not cut marketing costs and has recently launched a new campaign.

Talent ta-ta no more

Two new age brands are offering ESOPs to attract and retain talent. Both these brands are from different categories but are thinking of their employee branding similarly at a time when tech-based companies are struggling to gain trust, especially of employees. We hear mid-level executives of the companies are excited about this benefit and are now thinking of sticking around.

Dented reputation

An award winning creative director, who recently moved on from a creative agency, is being approached by several other rival companies. Rumors are that a network that’s been in news for a long-standing people crisis is trying hard to get the creative on board. However, ad insiders suggest it might not be the best fit at this point given the huge task of turning around the troubled firm’s fortunes.

Mind your language

Even legendary creative men need a little help now and then. We hear that this legend enlisted a retired creative chief in a consultant's capacity to work on English language copy given the latter's proficiency and grasp of the language. Back in the day adland was divided into English and Hindi copywriters. Of course times have changed with the rise of nuanced, localised advertising in regional languages. We wonder how many language and culture experts and not mere translators are there in agencies today.

First Published on May 11, 2023 10:18 AM