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#ShareTheSpotlight: “Failure is like the pain after the workout which will ultimately bear good results,” says Unmisha Bhatt, Tonic Worldwide

Unmisha Bhatt talks about setting industry benchmarks and shares the spotlight with Anjali Malthankar, her partner-in-crime at work.

By  Tasmayee Laha RoyApr 12, 2023 12:53 PM
#ShareTheSpotlight: “Failure is like the pain after the workout which will ultimately bear good results,” says Unmisha Bhatt, Tonic Worldwide
Unmisha Bhatt (left) shares the spotlight with her colleague Anjali Malthankar (right).

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Unmisha Bhatt, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Tonic Worldwide aspires to take her agency places. Her goal is to enable #AShotOfTonic to brands with deeper insights that can lead to result driven communication and campaigns along with enabling and nurturing the team at Tonic to keep flying higher.

One of her greatest achievements, she tells us, is learning to switch off during holidays. What’s more, she ran the half marathon this year. “It is a happy sense of achievement given I haven’t gone beyond 10km in the past,” she shares.

Professionally her greatest achievement she says is her people at work. “We are amongst the very few agencies that have one of the lowest employee attrition rates this year,” she says

Bhatt credits her happiness to all the success the agency has been witnessing. She says, “Our campaigns this year have been a testimony to not only driving business impact but also setting industry benchmarks and breaking records, like the one we did with Dabur Meswak.” She further states, “Our research arm GIPSI which is a unique and differentiated offering has been enabling actionable insights for several brands and is helping them beyond marketing intelligence. GIPSI this year has worked on projects linked to IPL as well as brands like ITC.”

Bhatt has an interesting take on failure too. She says, "Failure is like the pain after the workout which will ultimately bear good results. Easier said than done, I am not very good at accepting failure but when you look back, it was the best thing that happened for you.”

When we asked Bhatt who she'd like to share her spotlight with she mentioned Anjali Malthankar. “She has been my partner in crime at work. She’s been the backbone of Tonic’s ‘intelligence’. She has been a seamless fit to Tonic’s warm culture and became the culture we represent over the years.” Malthankar is known for mentoring every Tonicker, and heading GIPSI. “She is Tonic and Tonic is her. I wouldn’t want to share the spotlight with Anjali but actually give it to her completely,” Bhatt signs off.

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First Published on Apr 12, 2023 12:35 PM